Colored Background With Text On Facebook

colored background with text on facebook di web, facebooks core attraction isnt news articles you could find anywhere its intimate posts from your real friends that explains why facebook is trying to make highly personal text statuses , to add a background to your text post at the top of your news feed or timeline click create post click aa below your profile picture then select a colored square to choose a background for your text, if youve been on facebook recently youve probably noticed that statuses are starting to look a lot more colorful while youve been able to add photos emotions and activities for a while now you can go even further what once would have been a regular text update might now look something like this, this is a new feature of facebook to enjoy this feature update facebook app and then open it tap on create post now if you tap to write anything you will s

Color Splash Background With Text Vector Download

facebook is launching a new customization feature that lets you change the background color that appears behind your text status on the social network, facebook is today adding a small feature thats a big visual departure for the platform you can now add background colors to textonly posts

are you tired of that boring black and white text on facebook do you long for the days of myspace where you could throw caution to the wind and just paint your profile page neon green, the black print on a white field is too painful for me to look at for an extended period of time it can also be an issue for people with dyslexia whe have problems using white backgrounds, while not a universally appreciated feature of facebook there is indeed a way you can apply one of about a dozen different colored gradient backgrounds to your status update, however over recent months facebook has started to encourage more textonly updates by making the text larger for smaller posts it more than likely hopes to attract more attention now that the colored background option is rolling out

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