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colors photoshop background di web, how to change the background color in photoshop this wikihow teaches you how to alter the background color in new and existing adobe photoshop files open adobe photoshop its a blue app icon that contains the letters ps, changing background color in photoshop cc check out my channel for dozens more photoshop tutorials, how to change background color in photoshop step by step hello guys most of the people like to edit images with the help adobe photoshop but in some cases they need to adjust the color of images background, photoshop uses the foreground color to paint fill and stroke selections and the background color to make gradient fills and fill in the erased areas of an image the foreground and background colors are also used by some special effects filters

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how to add a colored background to a portrait it photoshop add a splash of color to your photos by replacing the background learn how to quickly add a colored background to any portrait in photoshop, create your selection on a layer select a fill color as the foreground or background color choose windowcolor in the color panel use the color sliders to mix your desired color

how to change background color in photoshop in this tutorial i will show you one of my favorite ways to change background color in photoshop with a couple of additional tweaks that will make your subject stand out and the background look more natural, since my background color was set to white thats the color photoshop used to fill in the selection the foreground upper left and background lower right color swatches we can swap the foreground and background colors by pressing the letter x on the keyboard, setting the foreground background color in photoshop allows designers to maintain full control over the color scheme that makes up an image it also makes working with color much easier it also makes working with color much easier, when you make a new document in photoshop there will be an option to choose your background color use its dropdown menu or colorselect box to choose the color you would prefer the background to be when you create the new image it will have your choice as its background color

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