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font colour macro di web, rangea1fontcolor vbred explanation vbred is a sort of builtin constant in excel vba place your cursor on vbred in the visual basic editor and click f1 to see which other constants you can use, for examples we can change the font color of highly positive figures in to green or all negative figures in to red color so that user can easily notice that and understand the data so that user can easily notice that and understand the data

VBA Excel The Color Codes

hi i want a macro for changing the text color of paragraph character p as shown in the picture it needs to find all the p in the document and change their text color to say red, can someone help me create a macro to accomplish the following i would like to create a macro that changes the font color of text in a cell in a column depending on the word that is input

loreigenschaft excel lor property excel 06082017 2 minuten lesedauer beitragende in diesem artikel gibt die primärfarbe des objekts zurück oder legt diese fest wie in der tabelle im abschnitt mit den hinweisen aufgeführt, selectionfontcolor and this will give you the color you are interested in then put those numbers in applicationfindreplaceformatfontcolor above this will work for the sheet selected you can simply throw this in a loop and iterate over all the sheets in a workbook to change them all

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