Green Colored Feces

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What Does Bright Green Stool Mean What Is Your Green Poop

normal stool color is brown this is due to the presence of bile in the stool normal stool color can range from light yellow to brown to almost black if stool is red maroon black claycolored pale yellow or green this may signify a problem some causes of stool color changes include, green stool when your feces look green is usually the result of something you ate such as spinach certain medications or iron supplements can also cause green stool

7 reasons of green colored stool there are numerous reasons that adults and children experience light green stool to dark green stool but for the most part there is nothing to worry about almost everyone has at one time or another experienced green colored stool during bowel movements , iron supplements green leafy vegetables as well as green food coloring can lead to a green stool too light colored stool indicates a lack of bile due to a bile duct obstruction liver diseases cancer etc, thus greencolored feces could reflect food poisoning as a major cause eating disorders consumption of laxatives in excess may cause the stool color to turn green as laxatives aim at cleansing the system of toxicities, it can either cause the stool to become green or very dark colored strong food colorings or enriched foods can cause the body to emit dark green stool some people are more sensitive to these dyes making them more likely to develop colored stool when they consume prepackaged foods containing these ingredients

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