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easter eggers are not a breed of chickens they are generally a mixed breed that lays blue green or sometimes pink eggs easter eggers are often mistakenly sold by hatcheries as purebred ameraucanas, well you dont really get a pink egglayer there are exceptions ees could be a good possibility and also cream egg layers some of the cream egg layers mentioned above are salmon faverolles silvergrey dorkings and that sort i think cochins also lay a creamcolored egg or at least my bantams, this cuticle when applied over a white egg shell creates a pinkcolored egg just as thicker layers of protoporphyrin result in a darker brown egg thicker layers of bloom result is a darker plumcolored egg as in that of the croad langshan a breed which was actually used in the development of the marans, pink egg layers are also hard to come by there are certain breeds that can lay a pink tinted egg but its just a light brown egg with a more pinkish hue some easter eggers have the possibility of laying a pink egg but again pinkor pink tinted eggs varies from bird to bird not breed

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